One-on-One Coaching:
Reclaiming the abundant and joyful life you were meant to live!
By applying my professional experience, talents and skills, I create a tailor-made coaching program specific to your needs. I will never tell you what to do, I honestly believe you already know what to do. Working together, using different tools and techniques, we peel away the layers of mental blocks that keep you from getting what you want out of your life.
No two clients are the same.  Whether your life is at crossroads professionally or personally or a major crisis has occurred, coaching can bring about transformative real changes to your life. In some cases, you life may seem great from the outside (nice job, good income, house, etc.) but actually feel flat and lack passion, or your day-to-day life feels overwhelming and out of balance (motherhood, mid-life crisis, relationship problems), or you have experienced a traumatic event (lay-off, divorce, death), working together, we can bring new levels of vibrancy, joy and happiness into your life.
My personalized one-on-one coaching sessions are available by telephone or skype for clients worldwide. Each session builds on the next. Typically, six 1 hour sessions are the most effective format for bringing about the change you want. Call me to discuss which program is right for you.
Please send me your questions by filling in the form below or email me directly at Call me for a free 20 minute consultation (301) 458-7425.



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