The Mandela Effect

A cup of tea for my adversary

A cup of tea for my adversary

Mandela leaves us with a tremendous example of how one person can

transcend a legacy and seemingly endless spiral of







to achieve uncompromising greatness.

He transformed himself and then went on to transform his country and the world.

Mandela’s life teaches us that in every situation, there is a common ground, which can be reached by compassion and unwavering commitment to excellence. He taught us that the best way to disarm your enemy is through civility and understanding. He taught us that the best way to lead is to inspire others to their unparalleled greatness: by supporting and inspiring them to be even greater than they thought they could be. He showed us that symbols of the ‘oppressor’ can be transformed to ‘symbols’ of hope, unity and empowerment for all.

But most of all, he taught us this process must begin from within. One can’t demand reconciliation if they themselves have no peace in their heart. Great leaders such as Mandela ‘lead by example’. For Mandela, nothing less than greatness would do. He charted this course for himself and the nation followed.

How many of us can relate to this situation in our lives? Not just at the national level, but at the personal level in how we relate at our jobs, in our relationships, in our divorces, in our feuds. Mandela shows us that we must create the peace within first, then lead through example and maintain an engaged, inspirational and uncompromising conviction that nothing but the greatness of ourselves and those around us will do.

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