A blessing for the New Year

lake1On the day when the weight deadens on your shoulders
And you stumble
May the day dance to balance you
And when your eyes freeze behind the gray window
And the ghost of loss gets into you
May a flock of colors: indigo, red, green and azure blue
Come to awaken in you a meadow of delight
when the canvas frays and the carrock* of thought
And a stain of ocean blackens beneath you
may there come across the waters a path of yellow moonlight
To bring you safely home
May the nourishment of the earth be yours
May the clarity of light be yours
May the fluency of the ocean be yours
May the protection of the ancestors be yours
And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you
An invisible cloak to mind your life

-John O’Donnor

* = great rock

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